If I were a man

Walking in your shoes,

This is what I would do.

I’d make sure my woman knew she was loved.

In some way, everyday, I’d show it.

Tell her I love her smile

How she dresses

How she keeps herself

Tell her I love constant show of support.


I’d simply say I love you.

And in that one phrase perhaps, she’d get it.

Get that my heart thumps to the rhythm of her foot steps.

Or that my breath freezes in my chest when she’s smiles.

Perhaps I’d just smile

Or just stare

Because it seems to be all I can do when I see her.

She’d know that I cherish her.

Not just the things she does

But her.

I love the prayers she showers on me

And the way she thinks of me.

How she thinks up little ways to make me smile

How she thinks of we-

Not just she.

I’d tell her that she is the epitome of everything I wanted

And I didn’t know I needed.

To court her is a blessing

To have her is a privilege

To love her is a gift.

But I’m not a man.

I’m a woman with ideas.

I’m a woman who longs to be loved this way by a man.

A man who takes the time to call.

Who sends a random message just to say he’s thinking of me.

A man who cares and doesn’t wait till he’s free to show it.

Life isn’t made during big events

And my world doesn’t stop spinning when your at work.

But my heart swells when you show your thinking of me.

It doesn’t take much to make me smile

But I appreciate it when you do take the time.

If our roles were reversed this is how I would love you,

Because I’m a woman this is how you should love me.