Is America a Christian nation? When I was in elementary school, private, I was taught it was it. I was taught that America was governed by certain Christian principles and that is why we have some of the freedoms we have today. Freedoms like freedom of speech and of conscience are fundamental to our society. Without them I don’t think America would be the powerhouse that we’ve become but, our we really a Christian nation?

Over the pass three presidential elections I’ve heard more and more talk about faith and religion playing a larger role in politics and I can’t lie, I find that troubling. Because even though I am a Christian I don’t want America to be a “Christian Nation”. I don’t want the government legislating faith. The mixture of church and state is something that has led to some of the worst atrocities in history and I cringe whenever I heard Christians suggest it.

I don’t think people see the conflict of interest that concurs when faith is listed as the major reason for instituting policy. Now I know that sounds contradictory but stay with me. Freedom of religion/conscience is a biblical or Christian principle. Our right to choose is what led to our fall in the first place. God didn’t want robots so He gave us the freedom of choice. That freedom is is essential to democracy. Once we start limiting freedoms, especially in the name of religion, we begin to tear away at what makes our democracy so special, so absolutely necessary.

I’m not suggesting that we be free to do just anything nor am I advocating the legalization of crimes. I’m suggesting that forcing a Christian agenda on a governmental level is the exact that thing that is most unchristian thing to do. Christ never forced Himself on anyone. Quite the opposite, always the gentleman He offered of Himself. By forcing a Christian agenda we our forcing our personal beliefs on persons who may not want it. Which is exactly the opposite of what the Founding Fathers wanted for this nation.

My mentor taught me that the greatest measure of a democracy is how many freedoms are given and preserved. I understand the moral concerns about societal decay and wickedness running rampant. But I also think of the evils that pervade when men deem themselves worthy to speak on behalf of God. I believe we have the de facto rule of “separation of Church and State” for a reason. The Church/faith shines brightest and purest when it’s separated from the governing powers of the state. When we use those beautiful Christian ideals to think of others to betterment of those around us and not bully or malign others. The separation of Church and State is essential to ensure that live up the creeds we set up for ourselves. Creeds like every regardless of race, gender, or faith, having the right to pursue happiness and liberty. If we legislate or faith to the advantage of some and the disadvantage of others, aren’t we hindering ourselves from achieving that objective. Just a thought. ❤