Chapter 10 of Sleeper Cell

Angela and Justin pulled into the parking garage of Dr. Loveitt’s building. Heart racing a mile a minute she sat silently beside Justin, waiting for him to tell her what the next move was. Growing a little restless, she began silently twiddling her thumbs. Catching herself she chuckled to herself, I certainly don’t have what it takes to be a spy now do I?

Pulling her thoughts from her own nervous she casted a sideways to her right. Still strapped in with his seatbelt, he was leaning back. He looked relaxed but his eyes were far from calm. She could all but feel the tension in his body.

“How did the good doctor die?”

Angela’s twiddling stopped. She hadn’t that question although she supposed she should have. Unsure of what to say she turned her attention from her hands to the cinder block outside her car window. Finding nothing there to ease her discomfort she turned to look at Justin. She found even less comfort here. His eyes were blank, face nondescript. She bit the inside of her cheek. Was this the same man who just an hour ago was sulking over the idea of wearing another man’s shirt?

Clearing her throat she answered him. “Dr. Loveitt was shot as he stood at the window in the master bedroom.” Finding her voice stronger, steadier than she thought it would be she continued. “There were two bullets found in the room. One was used to shatter the glass. The second was lodged in the wall directly behind where Dr. Loveitt would’ve been standing. He probably didn’t even realize he’d been shot when the second bullet hit him.”

Seeing the tears well up in her eyes Justin looked away. He’d never been good at helping girls when they cried. He used to hate it when his sister cried. He stopped mid-thought. He had a sister?

Whipping his head back to her he asked, “Do I have a sister?”


Agitated he repeated the question. “Do I have a sister? I just remembered that I never knew how to comfort her when she was crying. I just remembered that watching you…”

Angela wiped her eyes and gave a watery laugh. “Well I’m glad I could jog your memory. But no. You never mentioned a sister to me. If you have one, its possible you could’ve mentioned it to Dr. Loveitt…but I’m not sure. He should have biographical data in either his office files or…”

In his files upstairs. Neither of them said it but they both thought it. All the answers they needed were upstairs in that cozy two bedroom condo that’d sat vacant for three months and counting.