I set low expectations for God. Yes. The sovereign God of the universe, that God I put limitations on. Because of some of the struggles I’ve gone through, I thought to save myself from disappointment. I thought I could lower what I was asking for and thus prevent anymore hurt coming my way. How sad that must’ve been for God!

As I’ve said before, I don’t mind be transparent if it helps someone else. Today is a new day. The things we view as failures in our past, the doors we thought would open and did not, the delays, all these things are part of our narrative. They are driving your plot, my plot, our collective plot.

Are there times when God puts us in or allows a holding pattern? Yes. But that time isn’t stagnant. It is purposeful and intentional. That is how it should be view. It should be a time to work on something. Use that time to work on whatever your hands find to do ( the good things! In Jesus name…lol).

Please don’t get distracted like I have by what’s going on in my neighbor’s yard. Don’t get distracted by what they have going on or where God is taking them. Your journey is just that. Your journey. Rejoice with those who rejoice, knowing that you lose nothing in doing so. Don’t get so frustrated with your current situation that you lose the blessing that God has pressured given. You are blessed. I am blessed. We are blessed. Live like it.

This doesn’t mean that your pain and current situation is irrelevant. Nor does it minimize your stuff. But I think to often I (we) maximize my problems and minimize my God as if He’s hampered by my lack of employment or my rejection from law school. I major in minors. Instead, I challenge myself and you to put these things in perspective. Believe again, hope again, trust God again. Believing that He who called you is faithful to bring these things to fruition. He has already predestined you for good works in Christ Jesus. Believe it y’all. Stay encouraged. ❤️