I used to live for worlds like Narnia,

Used to search for its portals like some search for gold.

A secret means to self-discovery.

A place to encounter God, see Him, feel Him in a different way,

Thinking that perhaps I belong in a different place, different time..

Any would be preferable to my own.

I’d go on a quest with helpers to guide me and Aslan’s promise of success.

I dreamed of many things, only to awake to this.

I suppose I missed the parts of confusion in quests, or long delays, or winters that lasted a hundred years.

I dreamed of a place of perfect belonging, a place absent my own defects.

I dreamed of Aslan’s country, I dreamed of Narnia.

I forgot His challenge at the end of the voyage, to know Him by another name.

To complete my own quest, in this present time.

To suffer through the present discomforts, in hope of a better tomorrow.

To journey on.