Pit. Pat. Pit Pat.

Raindrops hit the old screen on the window.

Pit. Pat. Pit-pit-pat.

Sounds should soothe…

Pit. Pat. Pit-pit-pit-pat.

Echoes sounding off in my mind

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

The rain signals his return.

Pit. Pat. Pit-pit-pit. Pat.

His footsteps echo in the hall.

Pit. Pat.

The window pane, cool to the touch, I take for a pillow.

Pit-pat. Pit-pat.

I brace for the storm soon to come.

Pit. Pat. Pit-pit-pat.

I hear the footsteps stop behind me.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Forever immersed in a world of memories, I watch the sky break anew.

Pit. Pat. Pit-pit-pit-ppt-pit-pat.

The torrents have come. Within and without.