I ‘m a first generation American,

The child of immigrants from Caribbean shores.

I’m honest, though prone to filter to save people’s feelings.

I’m loyal and I wish more people could reciprocate that.

I’m either hot or cold for people.

Never tepid.

I’m nice in general, but warm with my inner circle.

Introverted, I want to be invited to things

But just like a cat, I won’t come when called.

I believe in God, but my faith has been tried lately.

I’ve had many crushes but only been in love once.

I love writing but I don’t as much as I’d like to.

Sometimes I take things too personally.

Sometimes I hold onto things for too long.

Sometimes I let go of things that should be addressed.

Most times, I’m just trying to do my best with what I’ve got.

I’m a lover of music, food, art, people, God, oh, and food.

I am many things, at different times,

But I am always Marie.

I love a good challenge so when I saw Singledust‘s post about sharing a poem about yourself as a introduction I immediately set to work since I’m on a flow today. Haha… Want to join in and see what others have written about themselves? Check it out.