The men eagerly poured into the hall. As they settled into their seats, the servants came bringing drinks and plates filled with food. The air soon filled with the smell of delicacies and the laughter of men. As the revelry reached a climax, their host quietly entered the room. Some of the men stirred, a feeling of discomfort settled amongst only a few as they eyed their host. Unperturbed the host pour himself a drink as sat at the head table.

As was the custom, the heads of the guest tables stood to toast their host. The first stood and gave his speech. As he began to take his seat he crumpled to the ground. The second man was about to start his speech when he too crumpled to the ground. A sound of alarm started through the room. Jumping from their chairs some attempted to leave the room, only to fall to ground after only taking a few steps.

Only a few minutes after the speeches began, all the guests lay dead. Hearing the silence, the head servant returned to hall. Seeing men dead on the ground, he rushed to the host. “Sir! The men have all died?!” Noting his servants concern he smiled.

“Yes. It would appear, my guests unwittingly have broken bread with an enemy.” His malicious laughter rang through the hall as his servant ran from the room.

“Be sure to tell the servants not to eat the leftovers. I would hate to have to bury anymore today.” He shouted at the back of the fleeing servant.

Sipping from his cup he said, “I have prepared a table for my enemies…” laughing, he cheered the fallen.

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