It never gets any easier, he mused as he stared down at the body. The hands still gripped the earth as they had in the moments before death. His stomach churred. He didn’t want to be here. Why was his back up taking so long?

He looked up from the body and gazed over the horizon. A calm enough night if you ignored the hazy, clouds just beginning to edge in.

A flash of movement caught his eye. Pale flesh, snaked out, grabbing his ankle. His scream, muted by the crashing waves. A tiny gurgle of bubbles, his final farewell as the wail of sirens echoed across the empty shore.

This is an older post from3LineTales but I couldn’t resist it. If you’re looking for a new challenge, that tempts you match strong imagery with verse, prose, or fiction, give this challenge a try! 🙂