Meet me on the Equinox
Meet me half way
When the sun is perched at it's highest peek
In the middle of the day
Let me give my love to you
Let me take your hand
And as we walk in the dimming light
Oh darling understand
That everything, everything ends
That everything, everything ends

The storm comes.

Gloomy clouds, chase away the last rays of glimmering sun.

Angry winds, flashes of light.

The sky itself seems to break.

I welcome it.

Arms outstretched, I embrace it.

After all, everything ends.

“Meet Me at the Equinox”, a throwback to my angsty teenage years when Death Cab for Cutie was a group I dabbled in and Twilight was all the rage. Simpler

I love a good storm photo. Kudos to the people brave enough to take them. The photo is part of the 3LineTales challenge. If you’re looking for a new challenge, that tempts you match strong imagery with verse, prose, or fiction, give this challenge a try! 🙂