So, I’ve been advised by those wiser than me who have traveled this review road before, that I should let prospective readers know in advance how I rate books and what I’m looking for. So, here goes!

  1. Book format: I usually read on my Kindle, Audible for audiobooks, and OverDrive for library books.
  2. I’m open to most genres/sub-genres of books. Historical Fiction, Sci-fi, Contemporary Romance, Murder Mysteries, Suspense, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, the occasional Mafia book. Expect some books that are sub-genres but these will be the main categories. If a book is a part of a series that will be specified as well.
  3. Books will range from Young Adult to Adult.
  4. Pictures of the books will be provided and will come from either the Author’s page or Amazon.
  5. If the author has included trigger warnings, I will pass those along in addition to any that I think a reader might like a heads up on.
  6. I don’t anticipate One Star reviews but if I post one it’ll probably be because I Did Not Finish (DNF). Rating will be on 1-5 Star rating. 5 being absolutely amazing, this book lives in my head rent free. One being I never want to revisit.
  7. Book reviews will be posted at least once a week Thursdays at 2 pm EST.
  8. I will end each post with author info usually from Instagram in case readers what to reach out on social media.
  9. I get books from all over. From books that dominate social media, recommendations from friends, to books that I stumble across at a bookstore. It’s my pleasure to present you a wide array of books and maybe introduce you to a new book love affair.