“I wrote that, too?” I ask him, unable to believe it’s possible he’s reciting the same words that fell from my lips to my fingertips and bled onto a page. Still unable to believe he’s not privy to my private thoughts, feelings I capture with a tortured mind and

hammered into sentence I shoved into paragraphs, ideas I pinned together with punctuation marks that serve no function but to determine where one thought ends and another begins.”

Warner should be dead. She should be happy living her knew life with the man she loves, learning to wield powers that could shape and help the world. But Warner isn’t dead, and Juliette isn’t happy. She’s trying and failing to harness her gifts. Struggling and failing to fit in. Struggling and failing to blend. As she and her friends make plans to fight the Reestablishment, Juliette will wrestle with truths she’d rather keep secret and face the repercussions that come with being the most powerful person in the room.

This. Book. Was. Wild. I stayed up till 5 am reading this crazy book. I didn’t need sleep, I needed answers! It was so good. The slow burn, the angst, gah! It was almost too much.

Format: Kindle

Genre: YA


The style, the writing, the angst! The slow burn!

The growth Juliette goes through. Lots of stretching, loved it.

Warner! This man is a walking plot twist and I love it. I loved him from the moment he stepped foot onto the page in book one. Give me all you crazy sir.

The action in this book was enough to have me stressed out. Fast pace with very high stakes.


One of the love interests worked my nerves. I couldn’t take it. I felt bad for him but man…just so angry all the time! Relax fam. Relax.

Kenji. I love his humor, hate that he’s in the middle. Funny Kenji can be a bit much sometimes. One of the characters is very high strung, maybe don’t needle them so much?

Triggers: violence

Rating: Five Stars

Closing thoughts: This book was just amazing. I didn’t know how Tahereh could top Shatter Me, but she did. Such a good read. Juliette’s frustration and confusion over the choices she must make really comes through. There were times when I had to remind myself that Juliette has been kept from human interaction for years, dealing with these issues is all new to her and she’s learning on the job. But honestly, I’m kinda proud of her.

Let me know if you give this book a chance. Unravel Me is book 2 of 6 and while the story does conclude is cues up the action that follows in the book 3. Check out the author Tehereh Mafi.

Alright folks, that’s all.

Remember, read what interest you and share some kindness.