She wears a mask. It’s a great disguise since no one looks beneath. No one truly bothers. Psyche goes through life like nothing, or no one bothers her. That is until one act of kindness upends her social media influencer lifestyle. One kind act towards the son of her mother’s enemy caught on camera puts her in the crosshairs of a woman as dangerous as she is beautiful, Aphrodite. Aphrodite doesn’t share the spotlight well, and she also has a significant grudge against Demeter. Demeter’s latest plan to align herself with yet another of the 13 is too much to bear. Demeter must pay, and Aphrodite has decided Psyche is her punching bag of choice. Enter Eros, beautiful, passionate, deadly. Aphrodite has trained her son to be her loyal henchman, a position on the surface he seems to enjoy playing. She gives the orders, he obeys. That is until she orders her son to bring her Psyche’s heart, in the literal sense.

What follows is a great story with toe-curling heat and a few dashes of action to get your heartbeat racing.

Format: Audible

Genre: Adult/Fantasy


I loved the voice actors. Ironically enough, they’re the same ones who did Neon Gods, but I couldn’t the guy’s voice for Hades. This go-round, I think he’s perfect for

The characters! I love that Psyche is a plus-sized woman who owns it. So the story isn’t bogged down with her wondering if Eros wants her body and the like.

Eros intrigued me in Neon Gods; he downright won me over in this book. I honestly want another book to get more of this wonderful man. Spicy, murderous, cinnamon roll that he is. He’s so earnest, so sweet. It’s almost painful how much he wants something he truly doesn’t think he can have, much less deserve.


It got annoying hearing all the talk about Eros being a monster and not deserving Psyche; I get it. He’s a killer; let’s move on.

Eros saying he didn’t deserve her and he’s a selfish man. The same phrase was repeated in Neon Gods. I could live without it.

I wish we had a little more action from Eros. He’s the fixer. Aphrodite couldn’t have had people watching his building or stalking them whenever they left it? A little more of that would’ve been a plus.

Triggers: Violence, Graphic Sex, Language

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Closing Thoughts:

This book was everything. I loved it. I’m honestly tempted to buy a physical copy, which says a Electric Idol is book 2 of 3 by Katee Roberts, and I think I’ll read more of stuff…perhaps Scarred. Check out the author Katee Roberts.

Alright folks, that’s all.

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