“How did I think people ruled the world? Did I really imagine it would be so simple? That I might control the fabric of society from the comfort of my boyfriend’s bedroom?”

The Reestablishment has been dealt a major blow. Warner’s father is gone. Now, it’s time to govern. But taking things apart is the easy part. It’s the rebuilding that proves a challenge for our favorite characters. Warner is struggling with his feelings after the death of a father that never loved him as a father should. Juliette is wrestling with feelings of inadequacy and leading. Kenji is still the middleman but even has things that he’s wrestling with.

So, this book…this book was disappointing.lol I dove into this book right after the joy and madness that was book 3 and book 4 just left…annoyed. I needed a palette cleanser and dove immediately into book 5. Order was restored with that book. We get interesting new characters in this book, and I appreciated the emotional honesty of the book. Governing isn’t easy and Juliette’s struggle with self-doubt made sense. Warner wonder about whether he should grieve or not, how to say, if he should share his feelings with Juliette, it was a lot emotionally.

Format: Kindle

Format: YA


Watching the characters play politics was interesting

Warner’s growth and self-discovery

Brotherly moments ❤

Juliette pushing herself to rise to the occasion.


Juliette losing a mind for a moment was…wild. I had to remind myself that Juliette had been living a very sheltered life and now was thrust into a fast-paced world where her action have heavy implications. She was reeling from everything that was thrown at her and I get that. But man…it was rough.

The lack of communication. There were so many moments where I wish an actual conversation had taken place. As y’all know, I don’t like the miscommunication trope. This wasn’t that. I think the characters just didn’t know how to address this new emotional minefield and when they started to see a path, something else would blow up in their faces.

Triggers: violence/violent imagery

Rating: Three and Half Stars

Closing thoughts: I think my hopes and expectations may have been too high. I went into this book expecting more of the same and this book was not that. It is very much an examination of what happens after you change the world, you must live in it. I missed some of the light moments from the previous books. This book just felt heavy to me but that might not be a fair comparison. The writing of course was amazing, and the political intrigue was good as well.

Let me know if you give this book a chance. Restore Me is book 4 of 6 and this book does end on a cliff hanger. Check out the author Tahereh Mafi.

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