I love a good mystery so I figured I’d rework an old page and turn into a place where my romantic/mysterious side could run rampant. My mind is always thinking of crazy scenarios so why not write them down and thrill us both? I’m thinking this page will be for shorts and maybe a couple longer form stories that I’ll do in parts. Check in periodically and see what new thrills away the unwary… 😉

*The Surprise Dinner Guests (Part I)*

“Well Chuck, that was another successful dinner if I do say so myself.” Glancing down at the giant grinning mass they told her was still a puppy, she smiled. Chuck was a great dog and an even better guard dog. Collin on the other hand probably wouldn’t bat an eye at an intruder let alone save her if she were ever attacked. Chuckling she took her place from the table and moved to the skin to wash her plate and place in the drainer.

She’d impulsively taken a few days from work to enjoy the house that she’d worked so hard for. The rundown cabin the woods had been a flip property but by the time she was done she couldn’t bring herself to sell it. Instead she’d sold her posh condo in the city and chosen to live in the woods with neighbors strategically placed in mile increments from each other. When she first purchased the house the neighbors were extremely curious about who would waste money on the barely standing wooden house. Their curiosity only increased once they realized she was a single, black woman, in her late twenties.

She didn’t take their polite curiosity personally and during construction would often chat with them when they came to check on the progress. Once the house was finished and she’d moved in she had them all over for dinner. They were amazed at just how much she’d managed to get done in the house. From the 15 foot living room dining room combo, to the Brazilian hardwoods, to the rich cerulean blue cabinets and black counter tops in the kitchen. Each room had it’s own vibe that seamlessly blended in with whole house and the woman who lived in it.

The three guest rooms were painted in warm neutral colors and each room boasted a wood carved dresser with matching nightstands. Blackout curtains framed large windows held in place with wood frames. Much of the wood work in the house had been done by her neighbor Jack, who lived three houses down from her. The youngest of four, he lived with his gracefully aging mother and two of his older sisters. The older of the two sisters had recently returned from studying abroad for her masters and the younger was still trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. They made, she thought, a very cozy family.

Ignoring the slight jealous in her heart she did her nightly house check. Just because she hadn’t heard anything, didn’t mean something hadn’t happened. With the dog happily strolling beside her, she jogged down the steps to the carpeted basement floor. After a quick sweep she closed the door and locked it. As the sun began to set she put her trash in the in the garage and made a mental note to remember to put in her trunk to throw away at the landfill. One of the pleasant perks of living in the middle of nowhere, dump trunks don’t come to get your junk. She thought with irritated jerk of her shoulders.

As she and Chuck began to climb the stairs Collin emerged from his hiding place under the couch and stared at the front door. Rolling her eyes at the cat she turned around and picked the sneaky cat up. Stroking his fur she murmured softly in his ear as he purred. Chuck stared at them as if signaling them it was time to go to sleep when suddenly his eyes grew alert. Racing to the door he let out a trio of sharp barks, his signal that someone was at the door. The automatic porch lights clicked on and Sam had to force her racing heart to still. Walking over to the closet she reached behind cable set up and grabbed her gun, just in case. Tucking it behind her back she walked towards the door with braced and pensive beside her and an alert Collin tail raised and slightly puffed a couple feet behind them. Well, I guess he would care after all. Opening the door she sucked in a silent breath and breathed out a breathy, bitter, oath.


Scott drove over increasingly slick roads and ignored his mother’s comments about him ignoring the directions they’d been given. He knew where he was going. He just needed to find his marker and they would be fine. Ignoring his own internal warning that he was going the wrong way he continued straight. At fifty-seven his mother was finally starting to gray at the crown of her head and had already told her stylist she would not be dying it.

She’d also begun demanding that her children get serious about finding spouses. The woman had all-but demanded babies from him at his thirtieth birthday party. His then girlfriend smirked and replied she was ready when he was. The withering look he sent her had spoken volumes to his siblings but she didn’t get the hint until he’d severed ties two months later. He’d liked her well enough, he just realized he couldn’t see forever with her and knew he was wasting time for both of them. She’d been pissed, no a better word would be livid. She’d broken his favorite cup. He was still sad about that. What had the cup down to her?

Such were his thoughts when he heard a pop, felt a slight tug from the car, and a momentary loss of control from the car. Fearing a hydroplane, he took his foot off the gas, shifted down to begin the car’s deceleration, and once he felt he was back in control of the car slowly tapped on the brakes. Pulling the car over to the side of the road, he realized that he was a few feet away from a long curved driveway. Pulling on his coat he told his now angry mother to stay in the car. As he walked up the driveway he heard the crunch of the gravel behind his. Muttering under his breath he waited for his mother to catch up to him.

“If you think for one second I’d let you walk up to some house in the middle of nowhere by yourself you’ve lost what little of your mind you had left.”

Turning away from her to hide his smirk they walked up to the house. When the automatic porch lights flicked on his mom slid and arm through his, with his other hand he touched her arm nodding reassuringly while looking around them to ensure they weren’t about to be attacked from behind. Right as they neared the door,it swung open. In front of him stood a beautiful woman about 5’8, with a curvy body, and an expression that went from curious to smoldering anger. It was Sam. The realization hit him just as the irony made him smile. Today was turning into one for the books.