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Released (prose)

You said you were no longer happy with me. That you no longer derived pleasure from my company. So I'll set you free. For I can think of no worse torture Than to be trapped with a person whom you... Continue Reading →


Getaway (microfiction)

Owen hopped out the van beaming from ear to ear; "Here she is! Isn't she a beauty?" Jesse looked at the bright blue van and smothered an oath. "When I said getaway car, this is not what I meant." Welcome... Continue Reading →

Journal: Marriage and the Ever After

So I'm up late listening to one of my favorite artists Mali Music and a song from his second album called "Heavy Love". Great song. Its all about finding love and making that thing last for the rest of your... Continue Reading →

Missed Opportunities (short story)

He watched from the stained glass windows as she made her way to the altar. Dressed in white, the train of her dress sweeping the floor. He knew instinctively her mother had chosen the dress. No way she would've chosen... Continue Reading →

Private Thoughts…(prose)

Looking into my eyes you ask, "What are you thinking?" My brain freezes, Its too much to share, Its too much to let out, Too much truth in one breath. How do I convey just how much I feel when... Continue Reading →

Greedy (story)

She sat beside him while he thrilled his rapt audience with his stories. They laughed at all the right parts and he enjoyed their adulation. She talked with the people around her. Mixing with the crowd at certain parts of... Continue Reading →

Chapter 7: Can You Keep a Secret?

Chapter 7 of Sleeper Cell Agent Brown trudged up the four flights of stairs to her condo. She could taken the elevator but the ice cream in the back of freezer was calling her name. Emotional eating was on the... Continue Reading →

Recluse (prose)

I enjoy the solemnity of solitude. Immersed in my own world, I can hide away. Unburdened with the thoughts and feelings of others, I can heal, regenerate, introspect. Seclusion has been my home for so long, The idea of once... Continue Reading →

Insecure (prose)

I dread the idea of people preferring your company to mine. The idea that presented with the choice, My friends would choose you over me. I hate how situations like this expose my flaws, Those defects of character I'd prefer... Continue Reading →

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