Where poetry and stories collide.

At the intersection of then and now, I pluck from today glimpses of yesterday. The names of those who came before me, Etched with stone or a knife. I travelled this road and have reached its end, Or perhaps, a... Continue Reading →

She stared deeply into eyes that matched hers. lips suspended centimeters apart, breaths collectively held, kiss. On rhythmic tides they drift, the ancient ritual of love making. Sail PhotoCred

Chapter Five of Sleeper Cell Angela waited by the bus stop for Justin to turn the corner before following him. The email she'd received from Dr. Loveitt had included a photo of Jason and some  information about him. He'd instructed... Continue Reading →

slippery slopes of love one wrong move, into its depths you go. but how can I slip if I'm already in? how can I fall, when I dove in? head first, into you, into love.  

She took at seat at her favorite bench stationed by the window. She watched the clouds slowly roll in signaling rain and a chance for brief relief from the torturous summer heat. The trees swayed softly in the breeze as... Continue Reading →

All he needed was a something slight. Nothing to heavy, just something too tie him over until... Passing by a shop window he saw her. Seated alone, eating a pastry, she looked like the perfect distraction, His afternoon pursuit. She... Continue Reading →

Hello, my name is Marie and I have a love-hate relationship with love. If you've followed my blog for long then you know its often the subject of my musings. I love relationships. I love seeing people in love, somehow,... Continue Reading →

She knelt beside the bed, lost in somber thoughts. "This is the man You gave me; show me how to love him and show me how to keep him; I thought transparency in everything was what I the right way... Continue Reading →

I miss you slidin' in my dm's. Random conversations about whatever. I gained him and lost you. Commit  

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