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Chapter 4 of Sleeper Cell The Director bounded into the car as his driver, Garret, softly shut the door. Garret had grown accustomed to a little witty banter while driving the Director however he knew there would be no talking... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2 of Another's Treasure He told her everything. He didn't even stop to think about just how much he'd poured out for her consumption but consume it she did. She focused in on every word as if he were... Continue Reading →

I fear the lights, the people, the noise. I love the expression, the freedom, the passion. To do what I love, I must embrace, embody, The thing I've feared. Immerse

Picture this. Pine wood floors hold up wooden furniture, softened with fluffy pillows. The morning's coffee cools in a mug on the window sill. Seated on the couch, I read the morning paper. Reading glasses on so I can actually... Continue Reading →

Houses made of sand never stand. The same as dark clouds foretelling rain. Ignored both. I built my home of sand despite the wind In spite of rain. I watched the clouds depart believing my life's work safe, The crumbling ruin... Continue Reading →

She wants to be loved.  Who can blame her? The pleasure it brings and the serenity of pleasant company.  So quick to love, Be loved.  She picks fools thinking them princes.  Bemoaning choice after choice, She places the blame constantly... Continue Reading →

I love Jane Austen and though Pride and Prejuidice is my favorite story, I relate the most with Anne Elliot and Persuasion. This is my modern take on the ending of it. 😌 She ran. After reading his letter she... Continue Reading →

She flipped the lip of the truck up, closing it. The last of the clothes had been unloaded for sale at the annual country fair. She looked around that the stores, the people gathered, at everything that had once been... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3 of Sleeper Cell, check out parts 1 and 2 under Around the Bend (The Corner Mysteries) Justin awoke to to find himself strapped between two burly looking men. His head was swimming and it hurt to focus on... Continue Reading →

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