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Lunch Date (Short Story)

Elizabeth took her time dressing. It had been a week since her pledge to be more intentional about herself so that meant dressing with a little more thought. When she was in college she stick with jeans and hoodies unless... Continue Reading →


Album Flow. (poem)

I love when an album makes sense. Each song flowing into the next, Their lyrics telling a story. Each one picking up where the last one left off, Continuing the thought, Yet, moving the story along Until the last song,... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror. (Short Story)

Elizabeth sat on her bed and watched the seventh video in a row. Killing time. She seemed to be doing a lot of that these days. She just didn't have any passion for...anything. Its not that she didn't like life.... Continue Reading →

Pen Talk (Microfiction)

He walked up behind and saw her writing again in that old banged up notebook. "What? Writing another piece to make the young girls cry?" His friend's laughed and high-fives were shared around the circle. She closed her notebook. Her... Continue Reading →

Unmasked (prose)

Transparency is gift. The ability to be one's true self, accept that, and share it with the world. But herein lies its liability. To be transparent is to shed pretence. To be unmasked is to become visible. Not that you... Continue Reading →

Escape (Prose)

I used to live for worlds like Narnia, Used to search for its portals like some search for gold. A secret means to self-discovery. A place to encounter God, see Him, feel Him in a different way, Thinking that perhaps... Continue Reading →

Suffering in Silence (poem)

"Gotta keep it together. No falling apart, no time for that. Picking up the pieces takes too long, It's luxury you can't afford." Internal dialogue of stress-filled mind. The penance of silence for failing perfection.   via Daily Prompt: Silent

Low Expectations and My Neighbor’s Green Grass (Journal)

I set low expectations for God. Yes. The sovereign God of the universe, that God I put limitations on. Because of some of the struggles I've gone through, I thought to save myself from disappointment. I thought I could lower... Continue Reading →

Every Kind of Way (microfiction)

They washed dishes together in the kitchen. He soaped and rinsed, she put them in the dish drainer. They talked about the week and the terrors that awaited them for the work week. She was over it. She didn't want... Continue Reading →

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