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Bitter Partings (a story)

She threw clothes into suitcases. Shirts, skirts, tops, blouses, everything. She knew she should've taken her time and folded her clothes more neatly but she didn't have time. It had finally come, the acceptance letter she'd been waiting for. She... Continue Reading →

Forms of Intelligence (microfiction)

He watched as another couple passed by. Hands locked, he barely overheard the man say, "Look at that robot, he reminds me a lot of you. Stoically awaiting my commands." He watched as the woman's head lowered in shame, she... Continue Reading →

Raindrops (poem)

Pit. Pat. Pit Pat. Raindrops hit the old screen on the window. Pit. Pat. Pit-pit-pat. Sounds should soothe... Pit. Pat. Pit-pit-pit-pat. Echoes sounding off in my mind Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. The rain signals his return. Pit. Pat. Pit-pit-pit. Pat.... Continue Reading →

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