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The library was silent when I entered. I walked past the long vacated tables. A smattering of books still graced the now antique, finely carved tables. Sustained, somehow after all these years. Relics of another life. I touched the top... Continue Reading →

Room for Two (poem)

Clearing up the mess, The removal of the things that clutter, Meaningless things, Things that once meant the world, The dear things, The cherished things, Things that no longer serve me, Or distract me, I clear them out. In hopes... Continue Reading →

Snapshot (microfiction)

Jane gazed at the painting while the curator monotonously droned on about modern art. "Gazato wanted to capture the blurring of humanity in the rush of everyday life. The loss of self..." The blurring of humanity...the rest of the tour... Continue Reading →

Why the Singer Sings (parable)

A parable is a short story or tale that teaches a moral. This is my attempt at one. ❤️ Little Nicole sat beside her mother on the couch watching TV. She watched as musician after musician took to the microphone... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4: Breakfast for Two?

Chapter 4 of Another's Treasure Claire de Winter sat in a chair that turned out to be more comfortable than it looked and lost herself in the nature beauty on the other side of the window. She felt so at... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3: In the Mean Time…

Another's Treasure: Chapter 3 An hour later after seeing her walk into the lodge he entered his house. The place was a mess with canvases and easels littering the hardwood floors but thankfully it was warmer than outside.  Telling himself... Continue Reading →

Another’s Treasure (a Novella)

Chapter 1 The winter lodge was everything it had promised to be. The cheery fire never ran out, the soft furnishings emphasizing the warm feelings of the room, the colors all warm whites punctuated what should have been a very... Continue Reading →

Part to Whole (a poem)

Every occurrence in life, adds another thread to the spindle, another stitch in the fabric, Your life, soon revealed. Welcome to Day 2 of November Notes Challenge! Today's challenge is based on Jason Mraz's "Details in the Fabric" (one of... Continue Reading →

Hidden Ways (A Poem)

Silent. Serene. A mountain unto himself. Buried deep within, secrets unfathomable. Of ancient ways yet unknown. Photo Cred Underground Ancient    

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