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“What, if?” (poem)

I stand on the edge of a precipice, Gazing at the void below. I ask myself, "Am I really about to jump this?" Of course not. I cannot fly. Then a voice whispers, "But what if you could?" Welcome to... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home (microfiction)

Her family had finally decided she was nuts; they'd viewed the little "hut", as her father affectionately now called it, with distain. As she watched the truck pull off into the setting sunset she casted her eyes after it and... Continue Reading →

Stage Fright (poem)

I fear the lights, the people, the noise. I love the expression, the freedom, the passion. To do what I love, I must embrace, embody, The thing I've feared. Immerse

Poised for Greatness (poem)

I stand on the cusp of greatness.  Below me is a path that may include failure.  I shudder.  What will happen if I fail? I've fallen before, Broken and shattered I questioned whether I could ever Regain, restore, revive, F... Continue Reading →

A Special Type of Bravery (A Short Story)

"Could it be, that bravery and daring are synonymous."- Marie S. She dressed in all white. The suit separates made her feel slightly more mature but the cut made up for that. She always felt more confident in white and... Continue Reading →

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