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I hate that your last images of me Were of me at my worst. I hope you remember me at my best. The way I was, Before the disappointment.

Regrets (poem)

Regrets can swallow you whole if you let them. What could've been, What should've been, If only I'd- Perhaps if I'd only- Regrets can swallow you whole if you let them. So I let them. Wave after wave until I'm... Continue Reading →

Take Your Time (prose)

She wants to be loved. Who can blame her? The pleasure it brings and the serenity of pleasant company. So quick to love, Be loved. She picks fools thinking them princes. Bemoaning choice after choice, She places the blame constantly... Continue Reading →

Another’s Treasure (a Novella)

Chapter 1 The winter lodge was everything it had promised to be. The cheery fire never ran out, the soft furnishings emphasizing the warm feelings of the room, the colors all warm whites punctuated what should have been a very... Continue Reading →

Sunrise & Powdered Sugar (Short Story)

  Josephine sat in the center of the king sized bed as her friend dried the last vestiges of her tears the louse had dumped her friend, one day before Valentine's Day, what was he thinking? They'd cried till they're... Continue Reading →

Cherished Lies (A Poem)

I believe all the words you never said, All the memories we never had, All the things we never did. A world that never quite existed. Words, never given utterance. A world of make believe, You led me to believe.... Continue Reading →

Foolish Dreams (A Poem)

I wake at night expecting you. Believing that any moment you'll appear. Disappointment. You'll never know how often I think of you. How I curse the way I still yearn for you, Still trying to purge myself of you. Of... Continue Reading →

The Proposal (A Short Story)

He took the stairs two at a time. He hadn't seen her in four days. Four incredibly long, excruciating days but he knew once he explained his absence she'd understand. He'd missed her. Not the way she missed him of... Continue Reading →

The Last Goodbye (Revisited)

Read Part I here The Last Goodbye. Somehow the city seemed colder alone. She had pushed him away. She could admit that now. She'd begun to feel crowded but she loved him. Couldn't he see that?! She loved him so... Continue Reading →

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