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Every Kind of Way (microfiction)

They washed dishes together in the kitchen. He soaped and rinsed, she put them in the dish drainer. They talked about the week and the terrors that awaited them for the work week. She was over it. She didn't want... Continue Reading →

A Cure for What Ails.. (microfiction)

She could hear the footsteps of the men behind her closing in. Stumbling, she enters the caverns. Breath, escaping her throat in puffs, she lumbers toward the only light in the room. As she nears, she sees the box. The... Continue Reading →

Brave Enough to Love (prose)

Be brave enough to love. To love freely and without restraint, To love with integrity, To love with a urgent sense of transparency. Knowing, that in your honesty Love can grow freely. Be brave enough to love someone more than... Continue Reading →

Love Drought (poem)

You and me could move mountains. Shift the borders of cities, of countries. Conquer vast lands and redefine the Earth as we know it. But you'd rather chase rabbits. Focus on the minuscule, Forever missing the big picture for momentary... Continue Reading →

Home Among the Shadows (poem)

I live amongst the shadows, Fallen dreams symbolized by fallen worlds, Plains of desolation and solitude, At home amongst the shadows, A world, devoid of the reprieve of light. Planet Inhabit PhotoCred

The Plains Traversed (poem)

At the intersection of then and now, I pluck from today glimpses of yesterday. The names of those who came before me, Etched with stone or a knife. I travelled this road and have reached its end, Or perhaps, a... Continue Reading →

The Tides of Love (poem)

She stared deeply into eyes that matched hers. lips suspended centimeters apart, breaths collectively held, kiss. On rhythmic tides they drift, the ancient ritual of love making. Sail PhotoCred

“A Light Snack” (Prose)

All he needed was a something slight. Nothing to heavy, just something too tie him over until... Passing by a shop window he saw her. Seated alone, eating a pastry, she looked like the perfect distraction, His afternoon pursuit. She... Continue Reading →

Lessons (A Journal)

Hello, my name is Marie and I have a love-hate relationship with love. If you've followed my blog for long then you know its often the subject of my musings. I love relationships. I love seeing people in love, somehow,... Continue Reading →

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