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Just Above (microfiction)

She watched from her underwater cove as the mariners gathered above her. She waited; her father had warned her never to go to the surface but once a year she disobeyed. Once a year the humans managed to set the... Continue Reading →

Disappointed Hopes (prose)

I stopped dreaming long ago. Dreams are always cloaked in shades of gray. Even the ones bright with promise, Fade away in the glorious light of the morning Sun. I've ceased to dream. The bursting of balloon is a feeling... Continue Reading →


She'd listened patiently as he detailed his plans for the future. Plans that talked of building but building that would have to put off for the time being. He said they had to be practical. While marriage was the goal... Continue Reading →

Chapter 7: Can You Keep a Secret?

Chapter 7 of Sleeper Cell Agent Brown trudged up the four flights of stairs to her condo. She could taken the elevator but the ice cream in the back of freezer was calling her name. Emotional eating was on the... Continue Reading →

The Depths Below (microfiction)

She had only wanted an escape from the day's drudgery. Walking to the waters edge she allowed the wind to push her shawl from her shoulders, exposing her to the wilderness. The moisture-laden breezes felt good to her skin. She... Continue Reading →

Safe Haven (poem)

You are my safe place. When the world seems a scary place, When I can't quite remember where I put my shoes, When I doubt I'll ever get back to the me I remember, Your calming voice reminds me that... Continue Reading →

Portrait of You (Short Story)

If I could draw a portrait of you I'd start with how we met. How I was searching for a first edition Jane Austen novel and you the latest Batman comic strip. I'd draw the frown on your face when... Continue Reading →

The Stars Doth Move (poem)

Doubt thou the Stars doth move? See them here. See them twinkle with your mind's eye. See the craters of my moons, swollen, full. The rich, sticky, syrup of my atmosphere Breathe in deep. It is poured out for you.... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3: Jail Break

Chapter 3 of Sleeper Cell, check out parts 1 and 2 under Around the Bend (The Corner Mysteries) Justin awoke to to find himself strapped between two burly looking men. His head was swimming and it hurt to focus on... Continue Reading →

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