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Date night

She came in and tossed her things on the couch. Pots bubbling away, his back was to her when she walked into the kitchen. Warming her arms around his waist, she pressed her face against his should blade and the... Continue Reading →

Every Kind of Way (microfiction)

They washed dishes together in the kitchen. He soaped and rinsed, she put them in the dish drainer. They talked about the week and the terrors that awaited them for the work week. She was over it. She didn't want... Continue Reading →

Greedy (story)

She sat beside him while he thrilled his rapt audience with his stories. They laughed at all the right parts and he enjoyed their adulation. She talked with the people around her. Mixing with the crowd at certain parts of... Continue Reading →

The Blackout (Short Story)

She slung her bag over her shoulders and climbed up the stairs to his apartment. With the power outage knocking out the whole grid she figured they could be powerless together. She brought a book, her fully charged tablet, and... Continue Reading →

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