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Why the Singer Sings (parable)

A parable is a short story or tale that teaches a moral. This is my attempt at one. ❤️ Little Nicole sat beside her mother on the couch watching TV. She watched as musician after musician took to the microphone... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4: True Betrayal

Chapter 4 of Sleeper Cell The Director bounded into the car as his driver, Garret, softly shut the door. Garret had grown accustomed to a little witty banter while driving the Director however he knew there would be no talking... Continue Reading →

I Who Lay Dying (poem)

Shh... your mind is clogged with thoughts that don't matter. Clear them. Embrace this moment as it is. Seated beside me on this bench, at our favorite park, Feel the chill of the stone bench beneath you, Trace the lines... Continue Reading →

One Last Time (a Christmas Wish)

Welcome to the first of my Christmas stories. Some will be heartfelt, some will be sappy, and some will hopefully make you chuckle, but all will glow with the warmth of the season. Enjoy. ☺️ She stood gazing at herself... Continue Reading →

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