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At Some Point (prose)

At some point, your parents stop picking you up.  At some point, they stop kissing boo-boos.  At some point, they stop tucking you in at night.  At some point, they start expecting things from you.  At some point, they expect... Continue Reading →

Same Birds, New Feathers (poem)

she dreamed of taking flight, leaving the life she knew behind, find new wings. She'd been clipped before, the weak had stolen her wings,  her dreams. she watches the planes soar and smiles, new dreams encapsulate old fantasies; She would... Continue Reading →

Sandcastles (prose)

Houses made of sand never stand. The same as dark clouds foretelling rain. Ignored both. I built my home of sand despite the wind In spite of rain. I watched the clouds depart believing my life's work safe, The crumbling ruin... Continue Reading →

Still Deeper (poem)

I am tired. My soul aches with the burdens of a mouth too long held, Too many secrets contain therein. I ache. I ache under the pains I've been forced to endure And those yet to come. To live, is... Continue Reading →

Poised for Greatness (poem)

I stand on the cusp of greatness.  Below me is a path that may include failure.  I shudder.  What will happen if I fail? I've fallen before, Broken and shattered I questioned whether I could ever Regain, restore, revive, F... Continue Reading →

What He Sees..P. 1(Poem)

My first collaboration! I collaborated with my very dear friend Dale, hope you guys enjoy it. 🙂 As I throw away the remainder of my croissant I see her Gloriously radiating a light akin to hope Anxious, I can't let... Continue Reading →

Echoes in the Dark (poem)

As I sit, on the edge of this bed I can see, The mists of yesterday, off in the distance.  The promises of a bright future  Long since dimmed.  Smothered sighs of heart bowed with worry.  Looking back I can... Continue Reading →

The Icarus Effect. (A Poem)

Vague dreams of the love I long for Are you  possible fit? It's a wrap. First date, wedding, and a child My first name blends with your last. All before we're introduced. Worked into a frenzy, Whirlwinds of emotion Leading... Continue Reading →

The Worlds We Make (Short Stories)

The third and final part of my series about the joys of writings. These pieces are written in one of my favorite writing styles, slice of life. Photo Cred She huddled under the  outstretched arms of her favorite oak tree,... Continue Reading →

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