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Home Among the Shadows (poem)

I live amongst the shadows, Fallen dreams symbolized by fallen worlds, Plains of desolation and solitude, At home amongst the shadows, A world, devoid of the reprieve of light. Planet Inhabit PhotoCred

The Stars Doth Move (poem)

Doubt thou the Stars doth move? See them here. See them twinkle with your mind's eye. See the craters of my moons, swollen, full. The rich, sticky, syrup of my atmosphere Breathe in deep. It is poured out for you.... Continue Reading →

No Place like Home?

She wandered through brightly decorated rooms. Plush chairs, soft carpeted bedrooms, delicately carved armoire wardrobes, pastel colored walls. This was her home, once. Now she was a stranger. Her siblings, parents, seemed more at home here than she did. She... Continue Reading →

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