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Bitter Partings (a story)

She threw clothes into suitcases. Shirts, skirts, tops, blouses, everything. She knew she should've taken her time and folded her clothes more neatly but she didn't have time. It had finally come, the acceptance letter she'd been waiting for. She... Continue Reading →

Home. (poem)

In the pursuit of new things, never forget the things that once felt like home. Home is where the heart is, But never forget where it once was. PhotoCred

Lost Tribes (prose)

Homeless. Lacking of identity, Can't be classified as Other, Cocooned under the umbrella of Black. Not Caribbean enough to be Caribbean, Or so my family reminds me. I am a direct descendant. First generation- Once removed from home. Not African... Continue Reading →

Perfect. (Short Story)

Elizabeth groggily turned off her alarm and rolled out of bed to get dressed for work. Her conversation the day before with Lauren had lifted her spirits more than she thought it would. She'd missed her friend, more than she... Continue Reading →

Everything and the Kitchen Sink (journal)

Its been a while since I've done of these...I was thinking when I finally did write another journal piece I'd be writing about happy things. You know, new job, some trip I'd taken, some breakthrough that I'd recently gotten. In... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home (microfiction)

Her family had finally decided she was nuts; they'd viewed the little "hut", as her father affectionately now called it, with distain. As she watched the truck pull off into the setting sunset she casted her eyes after it and... Continue Reading →

At Some Point (prose)

At some point, your parents stop picking you up.  At some point, they stop kissing boo-boos.  At some point, they stop tucking you in at night.  At some point, they start expecting things from you.  At some point, they expect... Continue Reading →

“Love, Gran.” (short story)

Her baby was getting married today. She loved all her grandchildren. Each was special to her but he was special. She'd checked in on the bride, she looked radiant. She'd shared some advice with her the day before. She knew... Continue Reading →

Vivid. (poem)

The lighting flashing outside, the pelting rains careening into the window, the descent of day into night, the howl of the wind through the cracks in the windowsill.

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