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“Amongst Enemies” (microfiction)

The men eagerly poured into the hall. As they settled into their seats, the servants came bringing drinks and plates filled with food. The air soon filled with the smell of delicacies and the laughter of men. As the revelry... Continue Reading →

She came in and tossed her things on the couch. Pots bubbling away, his back was to her when she walked into the kitchen. Warming her arms around his waist, she pressed her face against his should blade and the... Continue Reading →

Marie is…(poem)

I 'm a first generation American, The child of immigrants from Caribbean shores. I'm honest, though prone to filter to save people's feelings. I'm loyal and I wish more people could reciprocate that. I'm either hot or cold for people.... Continue Reading →

Table Talk (short story)

Elizabeth and Lauren exchanged small talk for a while. Each testing the waters to see if it was safe to venture deeper. She could sense the hesitancy in Lauren to pry. The last time they'd talked Lauren had made an... Continue Reading →

Sunrise & Powdered Sugar (Short Story)

  Josephine sat in the center of the king sized bed as her friend dried the last vestiges of her tears the louse had dumped her friend, one day before Valentine's Day, what was he thinking? They'd cried till they're... Continue Reading →

In Between Bites…

Moist. Warm. Fresh. The taste on her tongue was rich and flavorful. Yes, this was something she would and should savor. She'd waited all day for this. Her first thought was of it as she walked into her apartment. Shoes... Continue Reading →

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