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freeform poetry

River Worn (micropoem)

“The hardest part is when the river is too swift and goes underground for days on end” ~Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason Where does the flow go? When the inspiration dries up, When the lines don't fit quite right,... Continue Reading →

I long for peaceful waters. So lay down. Allowing the current to move me with it's will. Tired of the struggle, I float. Farther from land, farther from home. But home? Home is where I live. Home is where the... Continue Reading →

Failure to Launch (poem)

Like the kite that never leaves the ground, The verse left incomplete, Like a song without a hook, I've failed to take flight. My wings, too weak, Have left me alone on the ground. Rapid wing beats, take me a... Continue Reading →

Nothing But Words (poem)

In various languages, In different tongues, We all say the same things. I question the purpose. Since there is nothing new under the sun, Why do we share our thoughts? Why do we write? Perhaps it is the idea, That... Continue Reading →

“What, if?” (poem)

I stand on the edge of a precipice, Gazing at the void below. I ask myself, "Am I really about to jump this?" Of course not. I cannot fly. Then a voice whispers, "But what if you could?" Welcome to... Continue Reading →

Hands of Time (poem)

Cradled in the palm of my hands, Time. Fragile and fleeting, I steal moments with you, I've stolen lifetimes with you. I've stolen time itself, In the form of your lips. Winsome photocred

Album Flow. (poem)

I love when an album makes sense. Each song flowing into the next, Their lyrics telling a story. Each one picking up where the last one left off, Continuing the thought, Yet, moving the story along Until the last song,... Continue Reading →

Released (prose)

You said you were no longer happy with me. That you no longer derived pleasure from my company. So I'll set you free. For I can think of no worse torture Than to be trapped with a person whom you... Continue Reading →

Recluse (prose)

I enjoy the solemnity of solitude. Immersed in my own world, I can hide away. Unburdened with the thoughts and feelings of others, I can heal, regenerate, introspect. Seclusion has been my home for so long, The idea of once... Continue Reading →

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