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Since We Last Spoke (journal)

I started my blog during one of lowest moments of my life thus far. I've used this blog to catalog my hopes, dreams, fears, failures, all of it. Looking back over my pieces is like looking at a snapshot of... Continue Reading →

Journal: Mixed Signals

I messed up. It's hard to say. Much harder I suppose to realize but that's what happened. Over the last six months I've basically just fallen off. I cut off my friends, left most of my social media (including this... Continue Reading →

Escape (Prose)

I used to live for worlds like Narnia, Used to search for its portals like some search for gold. A secret means to self-discovery. A place to encounter God, see Him, feel Him in a different way, Thinking that perhaps... Continue Reading →

Low Expectations and My Neighbor’s Green Grass (Journal)

I set low expectations for God. Yes. The sovereign God of the universe, that God I put limitations on. Because of some of the struggles I've gone through, I thought to save myself from disappointment. I thought I could lower... Continue Reading →

American Values: A Christian Nation? (Journal)

Is America a Christian nation? When I was in elementary school, private, I was taught it was it. I was taught that America was governed by certain Christian principles and that is why we have some of the freedoms we... Continue Reading →

How Long? (psalm)

How long oh Lord will I make my home in the shadows? How long will tears be my pillow? Your face have a sought, but Your back is turned to me. Your blessings, You generously disburse to others while I... Continue Reading →

Journal: Marriage and the Ever After

So I'm up late listening to one of my favorite artists Mali Music and a song from his second album called "Heavy Love". Great song. Its all about finding love and making that thing last for the rest of your... Continue Reading →

Lessons (micro-fiction)

She knelt beside the bed, lost in somber thoughts. "This is the man You gave me; show me how to love him and show me how to keep him; I thought transparency in everything was what I the right way... Continue Reading →

Psalm of Marie (song)

Precious Lord take my small palm within Thine own. My soul is distressed within me. Those whose love and respect I've sought, Have eagerly seized my meager joys Without a second thought. My bosom friend has forsaken me. Be Thou... Continue Reading →

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