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Love Constellations: Sun

Welcome to the Love Constellations series between Earth, Moon, Sun. Think of it as a cosmic love triangle. 😉 I am the light that brightens an otherwise darkened galaxy. Radiating the warmth of my Father, I shine. I have seen... Continue Reading →

The Uttermost (poem)

To love sacrificially is a struggle for most. To die to your innermost longings... Reveal your deepest thoughts... Greatest fears. All for the hopes of being understood truly By the one whom your soul loves, Craves. To know and be... Continue Reading →

Still Deeper (poem)

I am tired. My soul aches with the burdens of a mouth too long held, Too many secrets contain therein. I ache. I ache under the pains I've been forced to endure And those yet to come. To live, is... Continue Reading →

Poised for Greatness (poem)

I stand on the cusp of greatness.  Below me is a path that may include failure.  I shudder.  What will happen if I fail? I've fallen before, Broken and shattered I questioned whether I could ever Regain, restore, revive, F... Continue Reading →

Over Many Waters (a poem)

He saw the darkness from afar, The force of purpose on His lips His own voice, Willing the Light to appear, Scattering the darkness Like marbles on a tiled floor.  With His own hand He formed the world.  Unfathomable, uncurtailed,... Continue Reading →

What Everyone Wants.. (A Poem)

The Christ that flipped tables I long to be, but the sufferings of the Savior, I do not desire. His thoughts I wish to know, but His sorrows I will not bear. I wish to reign with Christ, but would... Continue Reading →

Bottled Bitterness (A Poem)

I'm not angry. Anger requires an active hostility which I simply don't feel. Disgruntled is too mild a word for what I feel... Bitter. Yes, I'm bitter at the current state of things. Bitter about most things really. Yet. Yet,... Continue Reading →

Damaged Goods (A Poem)

Scars Deep ragged cuts Tears so deep I thought I'd never be whole again. Damaged Goods. Trust issues Daddy issues Family issues Self esteem issues. I thought I'd be that way forever... Until I met Christ. Slowly, we have entered... Continue Reading →

Him? (Short Story)

Welcome to Week Thirty-One of Three Line Tales! A wonderful challenge to create a piece about the given photo. Want to join? Click the link. Photo Cred: Alex Hockett Jay had been begging Sarah to come to church with her for weeks... Continue Reading →

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