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Nothing But Words (poem)

In various languages, In different tongues, We all say the same things. I question the purpose. Since there is nothing new under the sun, Why do we share our thoughts? Why do we write? Perhaps it is the idea, That... Continue Reading →

“What, if?” (poem)

I stand on the edge of a precipice, Gazing at the void below. I ask myself, "Am I really about to jump this?" Of course not. I cannot fly. Then a voice whispers, "But what if you could?" Welcome to... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror. (Short Story)

Elizabeth sat on her bed and watched the seventh video in a row. Killing time. She seemed to be doing a lot of that these days. She just didn't have any passion for...anything. Its not that she didn't like life.... Continue Reading →

Glow (fiction)

He worked in silence; this idea had the potential to change not only her world but the world in general. Holding it up He watched the little globe of light spark, sizzle, hiss with fervor; He released it and watched... Continue Reading →

Journal: Marriage and the Ever After

So I'm up late listening to one of my favorite artists Mali Music and a song from his second album called "Heavy Love". Great song. Its all about finding love and making that thing last for the rest of your... Continue Reading →

Undone. (Poem)

You laid your soul open with your words. Stripped down to threads I see the fabric of a soul that calls to my own. I am undone by your words, By your candor, you've won me. Acceptance

Mothers & Daughters (poem)

My mother is rich. Rich in love, wisdom, generous. With strong hands she bore a weight that shouldn't be born alone. Shouldered the burden of rearing a child on her own. I love my mother, We look like twins. Spitting... Continue Reading →

Stage Fright (poem)

I fear the lights, the people, the noise. I love the expression, the freedom, the passion. To do what I love, I must embrace, embody, The thing I've feared. Immerse

Take Your Time (prose)

She wants to be loved. Who can blame her? The pleasure it brings and the serenity of pleasant company. So quick to love, Be loved. She picks fools thinking them princes. Bemoaning choice after choice, She places the blame constantly... Continue Reading →

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