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Survival (poem)

I'm tired of having to survive love. Of hoping for better days. Better moods. Better conversation. Tired of hoping that things will get better. Of trying to bring about the better on my own. I've refused to survive my life.... Continue Reading →

I hate that your last images of me Were of me at my worst. I hope you remember me at my best. The way I was, Before the disappointment.

Regrets (poem)

Regrets can swallow you whole if you let them. What could've been, What should've been, If only I'd- Perhaps if I'd only- Regrets can swallow you whole if you let them. So I let them. Wave after wave until I'm... Continue Reading →

The Aftermath (Journal)

Its been two weeks since we broke up but it feels like the first day. It feels like Day 1 in breakup recovery for me. Everything is tear inducing which is wild for me because I'm usually not a big... Continue Reading →

5 Stars (Microfiction)

Lyft driver picked me up on Wisconsin Avenue and made some small talk before falling silent. While I broke down in the backseat crying, she looked in the mirror with a knowing smile, and handed me a tissue. We continued... Continue Reading →

Pluck the strings of my heart. Strum on my skin like a guitar. Play me like the skillful musician you are.    

Wastelands (poem)

Barren lands echo back to times of plenty. The time of fruitful pastures and gentle slopes, pastoral scenes, long since past. Cracked, dry, dirt and sullen cries; Symbolic vestiges of my life since you left. Welcome to week 127 of... Continue Reading →

Sleep (micropoem)

“Just beyond the bruised lips of consciousness.” -Birds Again, Jim Harrison bruised hearts, bruised souls, find relief in sleep's embrace. I've been looking for a new challenge when I stumbled across this gem. Looking for a new prompt to challenge... Continue Reading →

“Broken Vows” (micropoem)

    I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow by I don’t know what“ — Tomorrow, In Search of Small Gods, Jim Harrison She had hoped things would be different this time. Se had hoped he would keep his word. But... Continue Reading →

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