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A Taste of Home

You feel like, Warm, buttery, syrup, Atop of golden pancakes fresh out the pan.

Fixer Upper (poem)

There once was a house on the end of a lane. Tall and erect, it wasn't stately but it was a home. Over the years it fell into repair. It's shutters crooked, The paint, cracked and peeling. A shell of... Continue Reading →

Home. (poem)

In the pursuit of new things, never forget the things that once felt like home. Home is where the heart is, But never forget where it once was. PhotoCred

Lost Tribes (prose)

Homeless. Lacking of identity, Can't be classified as Other, Cocooned under the umbrella of Black. Not Caribbean enough to be Caribbean, Or so my family reminds me. I am a direct descendant. First generation- Once removed from home. Not African... Continue Reading →

Everything and the Kitchen Sink (journal)

Its been a while since I've done of these...I was thinking when I finally did write another journal piece I'd be writing about happy things. You know, new job, some trip I'd taken, some breakthrough that I'd recently gotten. In... Continue Reading →

Greedy (story)

She sat beside him while he thrilled his rapt audience with his stories. They laughed at all the right parts and he enjoyed their adulation. She talked with the people around her. Mixing with the crowd at certain parts of... Continue Reading →

The Joys of Being Back at Home (A Journal Entry)

Proceed with Caution: A rant is brewing with this post. Readers should be wary of the youthfully angst shining through in this post. Being back at home is...stressful. Ok, its not really stressful. Its more a problem of having someone... Continue Reading →

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