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Feelings (Microfiction)

This imagine invokes feelings. What exactly I feel, I'm not sure. I just know I like the opaqueness of the sky. The foggy-mistiness of the foreground. This imagine invokes feelings. Not quite sure what they are but, I like them.... Continue Reading →

A List (poem)

The half-written poem. The half read book. The song left on pause. The bed rumpled on one side. The violin lessons started. The fall recital held but never the spring. A list of things begun and left undone. A list... Continue Reading →

Nothing But Words (poem)

In various languages, In different tongues, We all say the same things. I question the purpose. Since there is nothing new under the sun, Why do we share our thoughts? Why do we write? Perhaps it is the idea, That... Continue Reading →

A Cure for What Ails.. (microfiction)

She could hear the footsteps of the men behind her closing in. Stumbling, she enters the caverns. Breath, escaping her throat in puffs, she lumbers toward the only light in the room. As she nears, she sees the box. The... Continue Reading →

Glow (fiction)

He worked in silence; this idea had the potential to change not only her world but the world in general. Holding it up He watched the little globe of light spark, sizzle, hiss with fervor; He released it and watched... Continue Reading →

Tomorrows (prose)

Tomorrow, the magical land of make believe. A place where all the dreams I make for myself, go to die. A place where I think, I could possibly go, But, you, maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow. The funny thing about tomorrow, Is... Continue Reading →

Caught in the Waves (A Poem)

She stood alone on the edge of the cliff. Stoic, arms wrapped around her body, Like a shield, protecting from the storms within and with out. Until that moment, He'd never believed any soul could taste grief. Looking at her,... Continue Reading →

What Everyone Wants.. (A Poem)

The Christ that flipped tables I long to be, but the sufferings of the Savior, I do not desire. His thoughts I wish to know, but His sorrows I will not bear. I wish to reign with Christ, but would... Continue Reading →

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