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Cliche (prose)

I woke up today and realized. I feel exactly like they said I would. I think I should feel differently than I do. I figured I'd be farther along than I am. I thought I'd feel more....settled. They were all... Continue Reading →

Really?? (Microfiction)

"Sonya, Sonya!" Margaret whispered. "Whaaatt!" Margaret said in an exaggerated tone. "She cutting that cake with a butter knife!" Margaret slowly shook her head in shame "Its like she learned nothing." Welcome to week 170 of Three Line Tales! A... Continue Reading →

Near Misses (Microfiction)

She zoned out again. She could just barely catch his face this time. Broad shoulders, a little husky, fresh haircut, nice clothes but not pretentious. She could just make out the sent of his cologne. She swore she knew the... Continue Reading →

Flexin’ Sundays (microfiction)

Sundays were for flexin', the day for showing off your Sunday best. Your best shoes, clothes, hair freshly pressed or afro fluffed to perfection.  Sure, they were there for church; but no one said you couldn't shine a little on... Continue Reading →

Chapter 9: Present Course of Action

Chapter 9 of Sleeper Cell Justin awoke for the second time in twenty-four hours unsure of where he was or how he got there. Unlike the last time though, he awoke without the dull throbbing headache and without being attached... Continue Reading →

Getaway (microfiction)

Owen hopped out the van beaming from ear to ear; "Here she is! Isn't she a beauty?" Jesse looked at the bright blue van and smothered an oath. "When I said getaway car, this is not what I meant." Welcome... Continue Reading →

When I Grow Up (microfiction)

"Mommy, mommy, mommy! Guess what?" Shannon turned from the her novel and smiled into the face of her clearly enthusiastic little girl; "Alright, let's hear it!" "When I grow up I'm gonna be a jellyfish!"; the child declared proudly. Her... Continue Reading →

Tomorrows (prose)

Tomorrow, the magical land of make believe. A place where all the dreams I make for myself, go to die. A place where I think, I could possibly go, But, you, maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow. The funny thing about tomorrow, Is... Continue Reading →

Taking One for the Team (a short)

"This looks nothing like the picture", she muttered to herself as she looked at the lumpy loaf with slightly burned sides. The kitchen was in utter disarray. Muttering to herself she began measuring again, vigorously, "This is for the kids,... Continue Reading →

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