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The Icarus Effect. (A Poem)

Vague dreams of the love I long for Are you  possible fit? It's a wrap. First date, wedding, and a child My first name blends with your last. All before we're introduced. Worked into a frenzy, Whirlwinds of emotion Leading... Continue Reading →

Who’s Next? (A Short)

He walked the street unnoticed. People often ignore what they think should be. A man of average height with his collar turned up probably wouldn't garner a second look but a man in a baggy diaper with a bow and... Continue Reading →

Sitting on My Hands (Journal)

Hello, my name is Marie and I'm a chronic procrastinator. I've always struggled with this. Sometimes I can go for lengthy periods of time being extremely productive but then I lapse into this pit of procrastination. Its actually kind of... Continue Reading →

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