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Journal: Marriage and the Ever After

So I'm up late listening to one of my favorite artists Mali Music and a song from his second album called "Heavy Love". Great song. Its all about finding love and making that thing last for the rest of your... Continue Reading →

Quiet Storm (Journal)

When I was younger, on Sunday afternoons, my mother and I would go for drives. We'd get into her Camry LE and we'd drive for hours, listening to Quiet Storm on the radio. Those were the best times. My mother... Continue Reading →

Why I Write (A Poem)

This piece is an ode to the written word and part of  a series of posts on the beauty of writing. I wrote it a over two months ago and I hope that the page that inspired the thoughts won't... Continue Reading →

Damaged Goods (A Poem)

Scars Deep ragged cuts Tears so deep I thought I'd never be whole again. Damaged Goods. Trust issues Daddy issues Family issues Self esteem issues. I thought I'd be that way forever... Until I met Christ. Slowly, we have entered... Continue Reading →

Selected Vision

I wish I could see myself as God sees me, He, Seeing both the good and bad, Loving me Not despite, But maybe, because of. Eyes Photo Cred  

An Ode to a Friend

I’m taking part in Word-High’s 30 Beautiful Filipino Words. Today’s word is Kaulayaw which means a pleasant and intimate companion. Want to join? Checkout the link at the bottom. When I was a child I thought the best friend I... Continue Reading →

From Darkness to Light.

I woke to darkness. Every morning it was the first thing I saw. I was tired. An exhaustion that only increased as the day wore on. At 16 I bore an emotional weight I could've have explained to anyone if... Continue Reading →

Just Wanted to Say Thank You.

Today was an emotionally draining day. The news today was filled with death, loss, and more political jockeying. I was experiencing what happens all to often as an introvert, emotional overload. I literally had to force myself to get out... Continue Reading →

Vovage to Atlantis Part I (Journaling)

As of late a number of my poems have centered on love. I suppose its the romantic in me to wash everything in the soft love-light of love. To believe that while love can itself be a hurdle, with the... Continue Reading →

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