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Cliche (prose)

I woke up today and realized. I feel exactly like they said I would. I think I should feel differently than I do. I figured I'd be farther along than I am. I thought I'd feel more....settled. They were all... Continue Reading →

I could summon the hordes with a snap of my fingers, My feet, Rooted, planted to the ground I am connect. I could create floods, Hurled bolts of lightening across a placid sky. But I can't recreate the feeling of... Continue Reading →

Little Lights (Poem)

Little lights cradled in palms, Wishes, hopes, dreams, symbolized by the little, glowing, flame. Small, fragile, extinguishable. Still, they place those little lights inside those papery lanterns, Smiling, as they sail off into the sky. Welcome to week 125 of... Continue Reading →

Failure to Launch (poem)

Like the kite that never leaves the ground, The verse left incomplete, Like a song without a hook, I've failed to take flight. My wings, too weak, Have left me alone on the ground. Rapid wing beats, take me a... Continue Reading →

“What, if?” (poem)

I stand on the edge of a precipice, Gazing at the void below. I ask myself, "Am I really about to jump this?" Of course not. I cannot fly. Then a voice whispers, "But what if you could?" Welcome to... Continue Reading →

Home Among the Shadows (poem)

I live amongst the shadows, Fallen dreams symbolized by fallen worlds, Plains of desolation and solitude, At home amongst the shadows, A world, devoid of the reprieve of light. Planet Inhabit PhotoCred

Irreplaceable (poem)

In a world where people are transitory To me, You are irreplaceable. PhotoCred  

“A Light Snack” (Prose)

All he needed was a something slight. Nothing to heavy, just something too tie him over until... Passing by a shop window he saw her. Seated alone, eating a pastry, she looked like the perfect distraction, His afternoon pursuit. She... Continue Reading →

M. I. A. (poem)

I miss you slidin' in my dm's. Random conversations about whatever. I gained him and lost you. Commit  

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