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Hitchhiker (poem)

I never asked for company.  Didn't issue an invitation on my journey either. So how the heck did you get here? I have enough baggage, No passengers on my plane, No backseat drivers either. I suggest you get off at... Continue Reading →

Nothing But Words (poem)

In various languages, In different tongues, We all say the same things. I question the purpose. Since there is nothing new under the sun, Why do we share our thoughts? Why do we write? Perhaps it is the idea, That... Continue Reading →

Home. (poem)

In the pursuit of new things, never forget the things that once felt like home. Home is where the heart is, But never forget where it once was. PhotoCred

Autumn Leaves (poem)

I cried when I met you. I cried cause I knew, I met you at the wrong time. Neither of us were ready for what ensued. I knew you and I wanted you- But I couldn't keep you. Your type... Continue Reading →

“What, if?” (poem)

I stand on the edge of a precipice, Gazing at the void below. I ask myself, "Am I really about to jump this?" Of course not. I cannot fly. Then a voice whispers, "But what if you could?" Welcome to... Continue Reading →

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