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if the world was ending…part iii

So, this is Seth. He’s cute. He was tall. He looked like he knew his way around a gym but didn’t live in it. Big hands that made mine feel small. He smelled…he smelled amazing. Whatever cologne he was wearing... Continue Reading →

Night Elves of Ardani: Book One: Captive

Picture this: A band of four walk along a dirt as darkness descends. An older couple, a soldier, and a courier. A tree bars their way. Do they take the path that leads them through the forest? The forest is... Continue Reading →

"The stars cannot rearrange themselves in the sky." I remember when the world turned upside down. The once starry canopy started to fall. impossible, possible

if the world was ending…part i

She threw things into a bag. She didn't care what they were. She wanted thick, she wanted warm, and she needed them in a bag. Now. Outside, trees thrashed wildly in the winter wind. People screamed. Feet pounded down the... Continue Reading →

Meet me on the Equinox Meet me half way When the sun is perched at it's highest peek In the middle of the day Let me give my love to you Let me take your hand And as we walk... Continue Reading →

It never gets any easier, he mused as he stared down at the body. The hands still gripped the earth as they had in the moments before death. His stomach churred. He didn't want to be here. Why was his... Continue Reading →

Sink (prose)

Lost. trying to make my way home- i'm confused somehow- someway, i made a wrong turn. dazed. i slump to the grown. tipid water hits my face, seeps into the cuffs of my jeans. i'm lost. cellphone dying, my mind... Continue Reading →

Little Lucy crouched down in front of the animal, hand extended for it to sniff. It froze. Nose twitching, it inched closer. Curiosity, igniting bright, clear, eyes. She smiled at the little fox. It retreated. Her smile wavered. "I remember.... Continue Reading →

Clasped cup in hand, I sit before the Bitter Tree. Chisel in hand, I chip away. Repetitive motions, absent of mind. My mother chipped, her mother, chipped. Now the relentless carving falls to me. Chipping away at an entrenched edifice... Continue Reading →

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