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She wanted to tell him the things he wanted to here. She knew he wanted to hear that this trip hadn't been a waste, that she was more in love with him than ever before, that he was still the... Continue Reading →

Satellites (microfiction)

She sat on the one of giant boulders that dotted the hillside. This used to be their favorite spot. Together they'd watch the stars twinkle above them. He called them satellites. She called them wishing stars. Tonight, she'd call them... Continue Reading →

Little Lights (Poem)

Little lights cradled in palms, Wishes, hopes, dreams, symbolized by the little, glowing, flame. Small, fragile, extinguishable. Still, they place those little lights inside those papery lanterns, Smiling, as they sail off into the sky. Welcome to week 125 of... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4: Breakfast for Two?

Chapter 4 of Another's Treasure Claire de Winter sat in a chair that turned out to be more comfortable than it looked and lost herself in the nature beauty on the other side of the window. She felt so at... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3: In the Mean Time…

Another's Treasure: Chapter 3 An hour later after seeing her walk into the lodge he entered his house. The place was a mess with canvases and easels littering the hardwood floors but thankfully it was warmer than outside.  Telling himself... Continue Reading →

Lost Lands Reclaimed (microfiction)

She watched as they tore the land to shreds. Hard metal building cluttered the edges of her kingdom. Stones made of sand, dirt, water, stacked up to erect walls and barricades to keep her out. To deny her entry. They... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home (microfiction)

Her family had finally decided she was nuts; they'd viewed the little "hut", as her father affectionately now called it, with distain. As she watched the truck pull off into the setting sunset she casted her eyes after it and... Continue Reading →

The Depths Below (microfiction)

She had only wanted an escape from the day's drudgery. Walking to the waters edge she allowed the wind to push her shawl from her shoulders, exposing her to the wilderness. The moisture-laden breezes felt good to her skin. She... Continue Reading →

When I Grow Up (microfiction)

"Mommy, mommy, mommy! Guess what?" Shannon turned from the her novel and smiled into the face of her clearly enthusiastic little girl; "Alright, let's hear it!" "When I grow up I'm gonna be a jellyfish!"; the child declared proudly. Her... Continue Reading →

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