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It never gets any easier, he mused as he stared down at the body. The hands still gripped the earth as they had in the moments before death. His stomach churred. He didn't want to be here. Why was his... Continue Reading →

Thursdays are for pasta. Sauce made from scratch, Pasta too, if we're being ambitious. As we chop garlic, sprinkle oregano, Crush pepper, slice tomatoes- We converse. Anecdotes about work, minor grips about coworkers. The ritual of it, the feel of... Continue Reading →

Vivid. (poem)

The lighting flashing outside,

the pelting rains careening into the window,

the descent of day into night,

the howl of the wind through the cracks in the windowsill.

Secrets of a Daughter of Eve (poem)

She wears her peace like a cloak, Shrouded within, she goes throughout her day. Dutiful daughter, loving acquaintance. Her truest friend, the miseries she hides. As night nears the facade crumbs. Would you love her if you knew? If you... Continue Reading →

This Night (a poem)

Plunge me deep within your shroud.  Entombed within, Consume the unspoken.  Drown my thoughts in the cacophony of silence.  Your forgetfulness is what I crave.  Hidden in your depths, I am at peace.  Caught up in a love affair that... Continue Reading →

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