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Everything and the Kitchen Sink (journal)

Its been a while since I've done of these...I was thinking when I finally did write another journal piece I'd be writing about happy things. You know, new job, some trip I'd taken, some breakthrough that I'd recently gotten. In... Continue Reading →

I Wish Life Were Like This…

I wish that life was like this: I'd be walking down the road of life and reach a crossroads. Great! I have to make a decision; I look to my left, then my right, perhaps straight ahead. I'd say to... Continue Reading →

At Some Point (prose)

At some point, your parents stop picking you up.  At some point, they stop kissing boo-boos.  At some point, they stop tucking you in at night.  At some point, they start expecting things from you.  At some point, they expect... Continue Reading →

Why I Write (A Poem)

This piece is an ode to the written word and part of  a series of posts on the beauty of writing. I wrote it a over two months ago and I hope that the page that inspired the thoughts won't... Continue Reading →

The Joys of Being Back at Home (A Journal Entry)

Proceed with Caution: A rant is brewing with this post. Readers should be wary of the youthfully angst shining through in this post. Being back at home is...stressful. Ok, its not really stressful. Its more a problem of having someone... Continue Reading →

Bottled Bitterness (A Poem)

I'm not angry. Anger requires an active hostility which I simply don't feel. Disgruntled is too mild a word for what I feel... Bitter. Yes, I'm bitter at the current state of things. Bitter about most things really. Yet. Yet,... Continue Reading →

Damaged Goods (A Poem)

Scars Deep ragged cuts Tears so deep I thought I'd never be whole again. Damaged Goods. Trust issues Daddy issues Family issues Self esteem issues. I thought I'd be that way forever... Until I met Christ. Slowly, we have entered... Continue Reading →

Couple’s Sudoku

They were the last to board. Happy and smiling, They joined me in row 25 D-F. After taking their seats they pulled out a magazine. I watched them continue their game, Sudoku. He taught her how to play. Joking, sighing,... Continue Reading →

Illusions of Grandeur

I dreamed of a life better than my dreams. One where my life had purpose. My dreams had meaning, ripe with the definitive. Illusions of grandeur Childhood is filled with them.   Dreams of what adulthood would look like. If... Continue Reading →

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