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Crashing Waves (microfiction)

She stood on black sands and watched as the waves hurled themselves against the shore. She'd dreamed of standing here for so long; dreamed of the bright shining sun heating her skin. She hadn't dreamed that she'd be standing alone:... Continue Reading →

Just Above (microfiction)

She watched from her underwater cove as the mariners gathered above her. She waited; her father had warned her never to go to the surface but once a year she disobeyed. Once a year the humans managed to set the... Continue Reading →

Lost Lands Reclaimed (microfiction)

She watched as they tore the land to shreds. Hard metal building cluttered the edges of her kingdom. Stones made of sand, dirt, water, stacked up to erect walls and barricades to keep her out. To deny her entry. They... Continue Reading →

When I Grow Up (microfiction)

"Mommy, mommy, mommy! Guess what?" Shannon turned from the her novel and smiled into the face of her clearly enthusiastic little girl; "Alright, let's hear it!" "When I grow up I'm gonna be a jellyfish!"; the child declared proudly. Her... Continue Reading →

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