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Pen Talk (Microfiction)

He walked up behind and saw her writing again in that old banged up notebook. "What? Writing another piece to make the young girls cry?" His friend's laughed and high-fives were shared around the circle. She closed her notebook. Her... Continue Reading →

Just Above (microfiction)

She watched from her underwater cove as the mariners gathered above her. She waited; her father had warned her never to go to the surface but once a year she disobeyed. Once a year the humans managed to set the... Continue Reading →

This Night (a poem)

Plunge me deep within your shroud.  Entombed within, Consume the unspoken.  Drown my thoughts in the cacophony of silence.  Your forgetfulness is what I crave.  Hidden in your depths, I am at peace.  Caught up in a love affair that... Continue Reading →

Aimless Scribbles? (A Poem)

This piece makes part II of my series dedicated to love the of the written word. Enjoy. 🙂 The beauty of the written word, Transporting from what is known To a place yet unknown. Imparting- Hopefully, a deeper sense of... Continue Reading →

Hidden Passion (A Poem)

  Secret passion burns within Change the world that once molded me Into a world big enough to share. Photo Cred

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