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"I was five and he was six We rode on horses made of sticks He wore black and I wore white He would always win the fight" The radio crooned as the detectives walked the scene. There was nothing a... Continue Reading →

She wanted to tell him the things he wanted to here. She knew he wanted to hear that this trip hadn't been a waste, that she was more in love with him than ever before, that he was still the... Continue Reading →

Taking One for the Team (a short)

"This looks nothing like the picture", she muttered to herself as she looked at the lumpy loaf with slightly burned sides. The kitchen was in utter disarray. Muttering to herself she began measuring again, vigorously, "This is for the kids,... Continue Reading →

Treasure Box (a poem)

Free.  Precious feelings once abundant  Now just pleasant thoughts, Of a time now passed.  I'll save them.  Tucked away in this little box All the memories of yesterday.  All those promises of tomorrow's  That will never be.  You were a... Continue Reading →

Echoes in the Dark (poem)

As I sit, on the edge of this bed I can see, The mists of yesterday, off in the distance.  The promises of a bright future  Long since dimmed.  Smothered sighs of heart bowed with worry.  Looking back I can... Continue Reading →

Who’s Next? (A Short)

He walked the street unnoticed. People often ignore what they think should be. A man of average height with his collar turned up probably wouldn't garner a second look but a man in a baggy diaper with a bow and... Continue Reading →

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