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Strut (Prose)

She walked from her daily bus to her home. Her walk, as usual uneventful. But as she walked she watched her shadow. The shadow bounced. It's footsteps were rhythmic and lively. Who was this woman? The woman with the confident... Continue Reading →

Lost Tribes (prose)

Homeless. Lacking of identity, Can't be classified as Other, Cocooned under the umbrella of Black. Not Caribbean enough to be Caribbean, Or so my family reminds me. I am a direct descendant. First generation- Once removed from home. Not African... Continue Reading →

Brave Enough to Love (prose)

Be brave enough to love. To love freely and without restraint, To love with integrity, To love with a urgent sense of transparency. Knowing, that in your honesty Love can grow freely. Be brave enough to love someone more than... Continue Reading →

How to Love (prose)

If I were a man Walking in your shoes, This is what I would do. I'd make sure my woman knew she was loved. In some way, everyday, I'd show it. Tell her I love her smile How she dresses... Continue Reading →

Disappointed Hopes (prose)

I stopped dreaming long ago. Dreams are always cloaked in shades of gray. Even the ones bright with promise, Fade away in the glorious light of the morning Sun. I've ceased to dream. The bursting of balloon is a feeling... Continue Reading →

Sandcastles (prose)

Houses made of sand never stand. The same as dark clouds foretelling rain. Ignored both. I built my home of sand despite the wind In spite of rain. I watched the clouds depart believing my life's work safe, The crumbling ruin... Continue Reading →

Heart Speaks in Whispers (prose)

You speak to my heart in whispers, The quiet murmurings of a heart in tune with your still musings. The heart speaks in whispers, I hear you loud and clear. Translate  

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