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About Me (microfiction)

"Sarah just imagine if we could walk into a store and there were books of other people's lives. Not like biographies but like, actual people, who are currently living and like their lives appeared on the pages in real time?!"... Continue Reading →

What She Sees…P.2(Poem)

Part two of my amazing collaboration with Dale. Check out part 1 here. 🙂 Average. Average height, Average looks, Above average weight. My hair doesn't elegantly coil nor is it silky straight. Wide nose, full lips. The woman in my... Continue Reading →

Aimless Scribbles? (A Poem)

This piece makes part II of my series dedicated to love the of the written word. Enjoy. 🙂 The beauty of the written word, Transporting from what is known To a place yet unknown. Imparting- Hopefully, a deeper sense of... Continue Reading →

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