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Deep Breath Now (Journal)

Well, last week was one heck of week. Emotional roller coaster and then some honestly. Glad it's After all the drama that was last week, I think I now have some clarity. A little renewal as well. I wanted... Continue Reading →

Journal: Mixed Signals

I messed up. It's hard to say. Much harder I suppose to realize but that's what happened. Over the last six months I've basically just fallen off. I cut off my friends, left most of my social media (including this... Continue Reading →

I long for peaceful waters. So lay down. Allowing the current to move me with it's will. Tired of the struggle, I float. Farther from land, farther from home. But home? Home is where I live. Home is where the... Continue Reading →

Hitchhiker (poem)

I never asked for company.  Didn't issue an invitation on my journey either. So how the heck did you get here? I have enough baggage, No passengers on my plane, No backseat drivers either. I suggest you get off at... Continue Reading →

Suffering in Silence (poem)

"Gotta keep it together. No falling apart, no time for that. Picking up the pieces takes too long, It's luxury you can't afford." Internal dialogue of stress-filled mind. The penance of silence for failing perfection.   via Daily Prompt: Silent

Everything and the Kitchen Sink (journal)

Its been a while since I've done of these...I was thinking when I finally did write another journal piece I'd be writing about happy things. You know, new job, some trip I'd taken, some breakthrough that I'd recently gotten. In... Continue Reading →

Crashing Waves (microfiction)

She stood on black sands and watched as the waves hurled themselves against the shore. She'd dreamed of standing here for so long; dreamed of the bright shining sun heating her skin. She hadn't dreamed that she'd be standing alone:... Continue Reading →


She'd listened patiently as he detailed his plans for the future. Plans that talked of building but building that would have to put off for the time being. He said they had to be practical. While marriage was the goal... Continue Reading →

Forgotten (simile)

Like dirty sock on the floor, Like a used tube of toothpaste, Like old clothing that doesn't anymore, Like childhood dream jobs, Like watching your friends succeed while you watch from the sideline, I sit on the bench and watch... Continue Reading →

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