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Shatter Me

You've just escaped from a crazed man who wants to use you as a weapon and running for your life with the one man who knows you better than anyone. Who's risked so much to get you out and to... Continue Reading →

if the world was ending…part v

He found Anna in her apartment, the last of the bags beside her. Her face was somber. She spoke without turning. “You know,” she said. “I picked every piece that went into this place. It was a point of personal... Continue Reading →

if the world was ending… part iv

It had taken an hour to load everything into his truck. He was antsy. The longer it took. The more nervous. He became. The last news report he had seen said that mobs roamed the streets at night. Anna herself... Continue Reading →

if the world was ending…part iii

So, this is Seth. He’s cute. He was tall. He looked like he knew his way around a gym but didn’t live in it. Big hands that made mine feel small. He smelled…he smelled amazing. Whatever cologne he was wearing... Continue Reading →

"The stars cannot rearrange themselves in the sky." I remember when the world turned upside down. The once starry canopy started to fall. impossible, possible

if the world was ending part ii

The phone was disconnected. His parents were idiots. He loved them but for crying out loud! He scrubbed a hand over his increasing irritated face. They. Weren’t. Answering. The. Phone! He threw his gear into his truck. He’d loaded it... Continue Reading →

Something New (microfiction)

Tears streamed down her face. He lied. Had a lied to her. He'd promised. He'd promised! She backed up slowly. "Thomas, said we weren't like the others. You said you'd never to me. What are you doing? Why are... Continue Reading →

if the world was ending…part i

She threw things into a bag. She didn't care what they were. She wanted thick, she wanted warm, and she needed them in a bag. Now. Outside, trees thrashed wildly in the winter wind. People screamed. Feet pounded down the... Continue Reading →

Relapse (poem)

Songs remind me of you. The watch on my wrist, a gift from you, Reminds me of you. Everything reminds of you. This is the worst part of a breakup. The ruination of peace All because someone decided to play... Continue Reading →

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